25 March 2013

Who do I see for stress relief?

That's a question I get asked quite regularly by my clients.  After assuring people that I NEVER get stressed (ha, as if!) I go through my list.  I am lucky to be surrounded by a multitude of natural health practitioners that I am able to "body swap" with.  That expression usually gets some funny looks, pretty simple really, they treat me for free, I treat them for free.  You just need to mention in passing that this or that is happening and you get instant attention - man, it's good to have contacts!

At the first sign of back pain I jump on the table of any of the osteopaths I work with.  No waiting around to see if it sorts itself out, first available appointment - I'm there.  I can't work if I'm in pain and if I do, the person on the table will be the one to lose out.

If I'm feeling under the weather or not sleeping or have been bitten by some insect (I react badly to grass ticks which seem to seek me out) then I go see the homeopath downstairs and she usually flings a remedy at me.  Or some sort of supplement.  Or a herb.  Basically I'm in her hands - I know she'll always find the perfect solution for me and by the next day I'm on the way to feeling myself again.


Have I ever mentioned that my best friend is a kinesiologist? We have this great relationship where we go and learn something then use each other to try out a technique.  I made her so sick once when I was studying at college and needed bodies to practice on ... and she's still talking to me.  I basically overstimulated her lymphatic system and the effects were so immediate that she had to stop at a chemist on the way home and they wouldn't allow her to drive home!  She felt fantastic two days later I might add.  It was an excellent learning opportunity for me to not be quite so overzealous.  She's never returned the favour - instead, she's always managed to make me feel better.  Bless.  I think kinesiology is the most amazing tool for finding out what the real trigger behind a stress is.  It's a bit like watching a detective show on TV - the practitioner uses yes/no questions and your muscles to find where the body is holding stress.  It can be quite revealing and I learn something about myself each session.  And of course I feel better.

Then there are the times where a new crystal necklace is just the ticket - there's a great shop down in Manly that keeps me happy.

Oh, and did I mention chocolate?

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