3 April 2013


When the husband of a client comes in to see me I usually acknowledge that his wife has sent him, just to give him the opportunity to correct me and say that he's happy about coming for himself.  That way he's in the driver's seat straight up, not feeling like he's being told what to do.

Two weeks ago J came to see me about his snoring.  His wife had sent him after asking whether I thought craniosacral therapy might help him.  He's not a heavy snorer, more of a social snorer - the trigger is having a couple drinks.  His sinuses can be a bit of a problem too.  Other than that, he's a healthy, active 50-something year old.


The treatment?  Easy.  About 45 minutes of craniosacral therapy and 15 of lymphatic drainage.  The main question asked is "what will I feel"?  That's one I can never answer satisfactorily because everyone experiences it totally differently.  I usually explain the basics about what we're trying to do with craniosacral therapy - getting some movement happening in the cranial bones which in turn creates some more space in the skull so the fluid that goes around the brain can move more freely.  That in turn means that all the nerves get more cerebrospinal fluid flowing around them which calms the entire body down.  I usually mention that the one side effect of the treatment is that you feel very relaxed!  Geez, that's not a bad side effect is it?  

Then we do some lymphatic drainage to the main nodes throughout the body and focus on clearing the neck and face to help drain the sinuses.  And trust me, lymphatic drainage on the face is very relaxing too.  It's a win-win if you ask me.

J came back today after two weeks.  He seemed quite incredulous and shook his head and said "you fixed it, you know.  I had serious misgivings because I thought it was a bit airy-fairy (or words to that effect) but last night was the first time I did any snoring in two weeks and I even had a couple drinks over Easter".  Quickly followed by "and it was so relaxing it's worth coming back just for that".

So today we did more of the same and he'll be back in two weeks.  Somehow I think this may be a regular thing!

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