I was wondering what to write about today and up popped a recipe on Facebook from the Thermomix page.  Obviously I don’t use a Thermomix in my treatments, but I found out about it from one of my regular clients.  I’ve bought one and one of my other clients has bought one (I have been known to rave about them every now and then and I do think if you’re being serious about your health then this is the machine for you) and one of my friends bought one – all from my original client.  Who has now stopped selling them. But my other client who bought one from her is now selling them herself.  So I still have contacts!

Imagephoto courtesy http://www.thermomix.com.au/

So why would someone pay such a large amount for a kitchen gadget?  Because you can completely control the processing of your food, down to milling your own wheat berries to make flour for your bread!  I like to talk people through the demo I went to so they can see the range of things you can do …

We walked in and the demonstrator was set up in the living room.  She started by placing some brown sugar in the bowl and milling that for a minute.  Puff – we tought the machine had blown up because there was white smoke when she opened the lid, but no, it wasn’t smoke, she had turned the brown sugar to icing sugar.  One minute!  It was an impressive start. She then threw in some berries and lemon juice and some ice cubes and about a minute later added some more ice cubes and an egg white.  One minute later … berry sorbet!  Yum.  Less then 5 minutes after we walked in we were eating berry sorbet.

Then there was the hummus.  And the raw beetroot salad.  Then she made the bread – milled the whole wheat berries, added some baker’s flour, yeast, water, oil and salt and set the machine for a minute and a half.  Opens it up and there’s an almost perfectly formed ball of dough which she shaped up a bit more and put to the side to rise.

While that was rising she made the risotto – yup, you read right – she cooked a risotto right there in the same machine that she had made sorbet in (she did rinse the bowl out in between each course I might add).  She threw some onions and garlic in the bowl, 15 seconds later they were chopped.  Then she added some olive oil and two minutes later they were cooked (no crying while the onions cooked).  Then she threw in all the other ingredients and wait for it … she put the lid on, set the timer for 17 minutes and left it to its own devices!  No stirring!  She attended to the bread in that time, it had risen enough and she cut the dough and made bread rolls which she stuck in the oven (yes, you do still need an oven for baking).

And for desert, she made a custard.

Did I mention one of my favourite features?  The scales!  Press the button, put the ingredient in the bowl.  Press the button again, weigh in the next ingredient.  You don’t need to take things in and out of the bowl to weigh them.  Heaven.

And if it gets really dirty, you can run the self cleaning process.  And it can go in the dishwasher.

I’ve got rid of the following pieces of kitchen equipment:  scales (obviously!!); blender; mixer; food processor; steamer.  I’m sure there are more things, but I’ve forgotten since I haven’t had to use them for so long.

There’s a fantastic recipe website too – http://www.recipecommunity.com.au. You can type in what you’ve got left in the fridge/cupboard and it will come up with recipes you can create.  My favourite recipe?  The fresh tomato sauce – no more jars from the supermarket for me – 1 kg tomatoes, basil, onion and garlic.

Here are some of the things I’ve made –

Imagechocolate chip muffins and cheesy scrolls


hot cross buns

Imagevegan chocolates

So, if you’re wanting to change to a healthier way of cooking to help you on your journey to wellness, then it’s worth taking a look at the Thermomix website.  Now, what’s for dinner tonight?