17 June 2013

Laser - LTU-904

I usually write my posts on Monday afternoons but this week I'm going to spend my time investigating my new laser - it was delivered at lunch time today and I've been itching to get it out.  Here's a photo ...


LTU-904, purchased from RianCorp Pty Ltd.

Here's a link to RianCorp's page which talks about lymphoedema and clinical trials run on this laser and it's effectiveness in reducing symptoms of lymphoedema ... http://www.riancorp.com/Riancorp/lymphoedema.html

I have to thank one of my favourite clients for making this possible, she very kindly gave me a significant donation towards the purchase cost and I feel very honoured that she felt me worthy.  I wrote a post about her some time back, read it here http://ozhiggins.wordpress.com/2013/02/11/inspiring/.   And I also need to thank another of my favourites for talking through the pros and cons of the laser over the L-dex and for her time and effort trying to organise a community grant for the purchase of the laser - we weren't successful, but it's amazing that her husband fronted up to Bendigo Bank and asked for the grant on my behalf.  Have I mentioned before that I have some very special clients?

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  1. Wow ... Looking forward to you writing about using the laser so I can reblog it!!! What amazing clients you have that is very special and shows how much you are appreciated ... Interested to hear how it all goes...

    1. They really are something aren't they. I will definitely write about it as soon as I can compare how it works on different people. Very excited to get started.

    1. Absolutely! Are you close by? You can give me a call in the clinic today if you like and we can sort something out - 02 9907 6387, I'll be there from 8.30.

  2. Reblogged this on My Lymph Node Transplant and commented:
    I am really looking forward to hearing how Lisa goes with the laser. When I was being treated at Mt Wilga they used laser on the fibrous areas and scar tissue and I am sure it helped. It seemed to help soften the fibrous areas allow bandaging to work better. Good luck and I am sure you will have good results... Thanks have reblogged this as an area of interest in treating Lymphoedema.. Thanks Lisa

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