15 July 2013

Vodder training

So ... pause for effect.

Next week I will commence a four week training course in the Vodder technique of Manual Lymphatic Drainage.  I paused for effect because, well, I already use the Vodder technique - I was taught it when I did my diploma at Nature Care College back in 2005/2006. (http://www.naturecare.com.au/) .   Updated 16/7/13 - I suddenly thought that I should clarify here - the teaching I received was based on the Vodder Technique, not the actual technique itself.  The problem is that Nature Care no longer teaches the Diploma and hasn't offered any follow up sessions until this year when they offered an oncology seminar.  I tried twice to attend this, they were both cancelled.  Frustrating.

The even bigger issue is that the ALA (Australasian Lymphology Association) - which is the place to find out all about lymphology, treatment, research, practitioners and education in lymphology - does not recognise the Diploma I received.  As a massage therapist, to be registered as a practitioner on the ALA website (there are different levels of registration - medical practitioners, physiotherapists, nurses and other allied practitioners and massage therapists) they require a qualification in the Vodder or Foldi techniques (whom I consider the ultimate in lymphatic drainage) or in the Casley-Smith technique (another excellent method) or a certificate from the Academy of Lymphatic Studies (I haven't come across them before).

What frustrates me the most is that I haven't been able to do any continuing education in lymphatic drainage since I qualified in 2006.  (My diploma consisted of 126 hours of class time and 52 hours of clinic time.)  I decided that seven years is enough, I needed an update.

And the only way I can do that is to redo my entire qualification.  So.  Next Monday I start four weeks of intensive training in the Vodder technique through The Vodder School.  I am excited, even though I have to start from scratch I know that I will learn lots of new things and being able to ask questions from a much deeper level of understanding than the first time round will be immensely beneficial.  And one of the most exciting things is that Prof Neil Piller will be delivering some of the course (http://www.flinders.edu.au/people/neil.piller).  He is considered an expert in lymphoedema treatment in Australia and carries out research in all aspects of lymphology, amongst other things.  It will be an honour to be able to spend time learning and speaking with him.


Image courtesy google images, http://www.lymphdrainage.com.au

What this means for me is four weeks off work. The course runs Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4.30pm and I'll be travelling 1.5 hrs each way.  Not sure how I'm going to go with all of that but I guess it's one day at a time.

But I'm thinking that there may not be too many blog posts during that time, I'll have to see how much energy I've got.  But then again, there may be so many interesting things to pass on that I just have to sit and write about them.  Watch this space.

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    1. Hi Hayley, thanks for the info, I actually get the updates from oncology massage via email. I think I'm going to have to stick with just the Vodder this year, can't afford any more time off (not to mention my funds for learning are depleted now too!). I'll keep it in mind for next year though.

  1. So excited that you are going to do this ... It is so important that we have more well trained therapists that treat Lymphoedema.. I will follow your progress with great expectation... Have a great four weeks.. Good luck Helen 😃😃

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