26 July 2013

Vodder training - week one

Wow.  Not sure where to start.  I've just completed the first week of my Vodder training - the basic level.  While what I have been using for years was based on the Vodder technique and the sequences and ideas are similar, the touch is very different.  I thought what I had been doing was a very light touch, but I think I'll dream the words "lighten up" for a very long time to come.  Along with "make sure your little finger is on the body".  These two phrases were the most often repeated all week.  By Wednesday I think we were all shell-shocked and wondering what we were thinking enrolling on the course.  By today though, we were all feeling more confident that we at least understood what we were doing wrong!  Sigh.


Vodder basic certificate

We were a mixed bag - seven students in all.  There was one other lady who had experience giving lymphatic drainage, she was only doing the basic course but I'm sure she'll be back another time to add to her knowledge.  None of the other ladies had any previous experience giving lymphatic drainage but most had experienced a treatment themselves.  All the women were massage therapists.  And we had one gentleman from Korea who is a physiotherapist.  

I have a lot of studying to get through this weekend and of course I'll be trying some of my new techniques on my clients tomorrow.  

But I think I'm looking forward to being able to sleep in on Sunday more than anything else right now - my alarm goes off at 5 am every morning and I walk through the door at about 7pm each night.  Long days indeed.

One week down, three to go.  So much to learn, so many inspiring people to meet and learn from.

Watch this space.

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