Balance, migraine and sinus issues

It’s funny sometimes how you have a run of one thing or the other.  Obviously in my practice I see a lot of ladies who have been through cancer treatment of some form or another, but I use my lymphatic drainage for other conditions too and in the last three weeks I’ve had four clients come through with balance, migraine or sinus issues (or a combination of all three).  It’s as if they were waiting in the wings until I had finished my Vodder training.

Manual lymphatic drainage can be used to treat a number of different conditions, not just lymphoedema.  I learnt some new techniques at the Vodder training which involve working on the hard and soft palate of the mouth (the roof of the mouth).  I know that sounds horrible but it’s actually very relaxing and beneficial.  After clearing the neck fully and the lower part of the jaw, the roof of the mouth is cleared using one finger (with a finger cot on to keep things sterile!) with very light pressure.   Working with the hard/soft palate is beneficial in treating migraines, ear conditions (including balance issues), sinus and even post stroke.  After clearing the mouth the rest of the face is treated using special techniques for the nose, eyes and ears, depending on which are affected.


Hard and soft palate.
Photo courtesty of google images, meded.ucsd.edu

I had a new client come in who was initially diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease.  Later they changed the diagnoses to migraines.  He has lived with headaches and dizziness for most of his life.  We were taught a protocol for both those conditions, in fact, the treatment for both is remarkable similar.  I’m not sure he remembers much of what happened, he was asleep in five minutes.  It’s quite disconcerting having someone sleep while your finger is in their mouth – I coped with that.  When I was working on his eyes (literally) he decided to do a snore and wake himself up which made me jump and almost bash into the wall behind me.  Once I stopped shaking from the fright I finished off the rest of his face while he fell straight back asleep.  He’ll be in for his third treatment this week so we’ll see how he’s progressing.

At the other end of the spectrum I had a new client who is seven years old and who has been plagued by sinus all her life.  She was very patient with me and coped very well with the mouth work (I did bribe her with a gift of her own finger cot at the end).  Poor thing, as if having a finger in your mouth wasn’t bad enough I then cleared her ears thoroughly which includes me sticking my finger right at the base of the ear canal.  I did clear my last client’s ears too but he slept through it all so it wasn’t an issue at all.  I think she’ll be more comfortable at the next visit seeing as she’s experienced it all now and knows what to expect.

Then an old client came in who has been a bit dizzy.  Can I point out here by the way that all have been to the doctor to check for underlying issues.  We’ve done a couple treatments (along the same lines as the other two clients) and she was off for further scans on Friday, so I’ll find out how she’s going next week.

And one of my favourites was my good friend Annie’s mother.  She’s 81 and the most elegant lady I know, other than my mother who looks good in a house dress!  She had a car accident a couple months ago and since then has been feeling a bit dizzy (but on the plus side her metal heart valve doesn’t make as much noise when she’s relaxing!).  So again, very similar treatment with the hard/soft palate work.  The only problem of course is that she has a plate with dentures on it covering the roof of her mouth.  Tact and decorum is part of my work.  When it came time I turned around to put on my finger cot and she removed her plate and when I finished I turned around again and like magic it reappeared.  Then she said “do I talk too much” (Annie, are you crying with laughter yet?) and promptly fell asleep for the rest of the session.  She has a follow up this week so we’ll see how she feels.

I know I haven’t given miraculous results here, everyone’s a work in progress.  I just wanted to share another application for manual lymphatic drainage that perhaps you weren’t aware of before.  There are so many others, but we can save those for another day.