2 December 2013


Somehow the word menopause gives me the heebie-jeebies.  Hmm, does that say something about me?  No comment.

I seem to have a few ladies who are at that special time of their lives ... you know the one ... too little sleep and too many hot flushes.

Not many people realise that lymphatic drainage can help ease some menopausal symptoms.  Lymph fluid is made up of many different components - immune cells, waste matter, fatty acids and hormones (to name a few) so when you stimulate your lymphatic system you are making sure that everything is working optimally, including the circulation of your hormones.

T came to see me a few weeks ago.  She was recommended by a mutual friend who had a few sessions and found it beneficial on many levels (better sleep, felt lighter, skin looked amazing).  T had come through menopause but was still suffering from night sweats and waking three or four times every night and had the sweats happening throughout the day too.  Sleepytime tea helped a bit but not enough.  She was exercising lots and eating healthily.


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We started the session with her face down so I could clear the nape of her neck, back and particularly the buttocks area.  Then she turned over and I cleared her neck fully, her abdomen superficially and her face (best way to end a treatment, very relaxing).  She floated off the table.

She came in the following week and sat down exclaiming "oh my God", I felt like I was in an episode of "Friends".  Secretly I was thinking ... oh my God good or oh my god bad?  She said that about once a year she gets a fantastic night's sleep and it's heaven.  After the treatment she had three great nights' sleep!  She was almost jumping off the chair.  I cheekily asked if she'd like the same again ... duh!

She came in for her fifth session this week and said that after each session she gets two or three good nights' sleep and the following nights she still wakes two or three times.  But during the day now she's only having one flush and when it happens she has to ask herself if it's because she's cooking or doing some sort of heat producing activity.

I think lymphatic drainage has become part of her life now.

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