14 July 2014

A personal story - the Caresia compression garments

I'm constantly asking my clients to write a post for me and every now and then one obliges and I am very grateful, it's so much more powerful in their own words.

After months of diligent MLD with limited changes in the tissue and with my client doing her own bandaging at home and wearing a compression stocking during the day we decided that we needed to bring in the big guns.  I sent her to Cosmac Healthcare to purchase a Caresia compression garment.  Cosmac has a large range of compression options and it's a matter of finding the one that will suit the needs of each individual client.  I felt the Caresia would be the best option as my client was already accustomed to bandaging her leg at night.  I'll let you read her own words then you can scroll down and see some before and after photos and photos of her compression.

I have had lymphedema in my left leg for approx 6 years and it has steadily gotten worse over that time. Initially treatment was at Mt Wilga but no ongoing treatment until January 2014 when the leg was uncomfortable and hardening.

I sought to find treatment but Mt Wilga was not an option because it is too time consuming and is inconvenient. I have been having lymphatic drainage massage for 6 months and as this treatment was working temporarily we discussed trying a caresia leg bandage. I have used the leg bandage for approx 2 months and the improvement was noticeable immediately, with several friends commenting and one thought I had attended Mt Wilga because the improvement was so good. I use the below knee bandage each night and bandage it myself then use a full leg day stocking. With the use of these garments I have managed to lesson the amount of massage required to maintain my ongoing lymphedema. I am happy with the progress and the fact I can now wear boots again as I had issues getting my foot into them.

Full leg compression stocking worn during the day

Full leg compression stocking worn during the day


Lower leg Caresia compression, bandages are applied over it at night

At start of treatment

After two months of Caresia Before and after photos: Top: left leg/foot after two MLD sessions, still very tight and fibrotic, limited movement. Bottom: after two months using the Caresia with bandaging at night

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