26 November 2015

Self maintenance for arm lymphoedema post surgery

Here's my video showing how to do self maintenance for  arm lymphoedema post surgery.  Some of my clients who have lymphoedema post breast cancer have said they've been following my general video showing how to do their own clearing and I've had to remind them that for those who have had lymph node removal or radiation the process is slightly different.   I thought it would be best for me to make another video showing how to create pathways and clear the arm properly.

Self maintenance for arm lymphoedema  post surgery

0 comments on “Self maintenance for arm lymphoedema post surgery”

    1. Hi Helen, it's on the cards. I have to work my courage up for each video and talk myself into it so give me two or three weeks and I'll be ready! I don't have a sample leg compression garment unfortunately so I'll have to think up of some way to clearly show the "affected" limb

      1. Look forward to it ... The readers would much appreciate it as there is always more for arms than legs!!! The videos you do are great.. Maybe just a black stocking for the affected leg... Helen

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