26 March 2020

Newsletter - Adapting to this New World

These are such strange times and we’re all trying to navigate our way in a completely changed world.

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I’m not in the habit of sending newsletters and I promise I’m not about to send them regularly now.  I do feel, however, it is important to tell you what’s happening here at The Oasis during this time of isolation.

On Wednesday I made the decision to shut The Oasis for face-to-face appointments. This was an incredibly difficult decision to make.

Technically I can still practice, but according to my massage association I would need to scan my clients (goodness knows how) and myself to make sure we are healthy.  Then I can treat, as long as I am gowned, gloved and masked.  I don’t know about you but that’s not appealing to me.  Besides that, I can’t get hold of the necessary equipment – I’m still waiting for my order of antibacterial and gloves that I ordered from a medical supply company two weeks ago!

I will send another email once isolation is over and I can treat in person again.

In the meanwhile, I have a few options on offer that may work for you during this time.  If you know anyone who may benefit from these consultations, then please feel free to pass this email along.

  • Online consultations via Zoom (or Facetime, Skype, etc) to discuss any concerns you may have. I can talk you through a modified treatment which you perform on yourself under my guidance, or I can guide a loved one to do the treatment for you.
  • Online consultation to learn anxiety/stress reduction techniques.  These include breath work, mindful practices, tapping or visualisation.
  • Online consultation to teach you how to turn your house chemical free – I’ll go through all your cleaning products and suggest healthier options; look at your skin, hair care and makeup products; show you how to reduce your exposure to EMF (electro-magnetic frequency) from modems, wifi, TVs etc.  There’s no excuse now, you’re stuck at home – may as well make it a healthy place to be.  I’ll help you source all these new products as well.

I will be active on my Facebook page and Instagram (both are “lisahigginsmassage”) if you’d like to keep up with what’s going on at The Oasis.

And as always I am available via phone (0410 363 720) or email ([email protected]).  Book online here.

Keep well and I’d love to hear how you’re doing.  Hopefully I’ll see you before too long.

Yours in health


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