New Look at The Oasis

I’ve been really busy this week, taking delivery of a painting and some new, recycled, furniture.

I’ve also cleaned from top to bottom using low-tox cleaning products. Once I finished the physical cleaning I cleared the whole clinic energetically using sage, sound and diffusing Thieve’s Oil and intention.

It’s all feeling pretty amazing now.  What do you think?

I’m getting all my admin and cleaning done so I can focus on growing the next stage of my work – online consulting.  Here’s what I’m offering:

  • Online consult to discuss your Lymphoedma or Lipoedema needs – compression, pumps, self-massage, surgical options. I can guide you through a treatment that you do yourself during the session or I can show a loved one/carer how to do it for you
  • Online consult to talk about ways to reduce your stress/anxiety in this crazy time we are in.  We’ll do some breath work, visualisation, mindfulness practices and tapping techniques
  • Online consult to take you through your home looking at your cleaning products, skin/hair care products and make up to see how we can replace them with less toxic options.  You’re stuck at home with time on your hands, why not use it to make your home a more healthy environment
  • Or, we can combine all or some of the offers above into one session

Be safe everyone and I hope to see you in the flesh soon.

Book online here or call Lisa on 0410 363 720