6 April 2020

New online package for lymphoedema/lipoedema - 5 sessions

In this swiftly changing time we are all having to adapt to doing what we used to do face-to-face online instead.  This can be confronting to begin with but it can be done.  Even for a manual therapy like lymphatic drainage.

lisa package

Lisa is offering an online package for new clients.  The sessions will cover a range of therapies to work with the physical, emotional and mental body.  This integrated approach is even more necessary now in this time of isolation.

The package will include five appointments – once a week for four weeks, with a fifth appointment two weeks later for any follow-up questions/requirements.

What you can expect from online sessions:
  • In the first appointment a detailed history will be taken (you will be emailed a client information sheet beforehand). We will then discuss your particular needs with regard to compression and exercise, self-lymphatic drainage, pumps, possible surgical options, referrals to other practitioners if necessary.
  • The next three appointments will cover guided self-clearance, or the instruction of a loved one/carer in how to deliver a modified lymphatic treatment.
  • Two weeks later we will have a review to ensure you are comfortable with all aspects of your treatment at home and your garments.
  • At each of the appointments we will also use different techniques to help reduce anxiety and stress in whatever form they show up for you.
  • We will discuss how to reduce the toxic load in your home due to cleaning chemicals, personal care products and the effect of electromagnetic radiation.
At the end of six weeks you will:
  • Understand how to clear your lymphatics effectively.
  • Gain control of your condition using your daily self-care routines.
  • Have a low-tox home environment.
  • Have more control over your reactions to stress and anxiety.

This results in an overall reduction in the amount of inflammation in the body.  Less inflammation means less pain, fewer symptoms, more energy and the ability to achieve more. You will feel empowered to live your fullest possible life.

Investment: $550 if paid upfront or a weekly payment of $100 over six weeks.

Book online at here or call 0410 363 720.

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