18 May 2021

Lipoedema nutritional reset

A couple of weeks ago I took part in a Lipoedema nutritional reset run by Aimee Buchanan, the Holistic Nutrition Princess. I don't have Lipoedema but work with so many women who do and I figured if I recommend something to them I'd like to say I've actually tried it first.

I thought I'd share what it was like to partake and I'd highly recommend you join the next round.

Aimee set up a private group on Facebook where she shared a shopping list for the week, the recipes and guidelines. The intention was to lower inflammation in the body and set up good eating habits, not necessarily to lose weight. She encouraged us to set an intention for the week and even gave some examples or we could set our own.

The recipes were vegan and varied and we were given choices as to what we wanted to have at each meal.


We started with either ginger or green, water-based drink, followed by a choice of green smoothies using nut-milk bases for breakfast.


The main meal at lunch was brassica strong - lots of cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, spinach with beetroot or carrot and yummy dressings using lots and lots of nuts, herbs and spices. Yum. And I can't tell you how many lemons I used!

delicious lunches
Beautiful salads for lunch and avocado mousse for afternoon tea

Afternoon tea

There was even afternoon tea! I don't normally have afternoon tea so that was a wonderful surprise. My particular favourites were the avocado mousse and the cheesy kale chips (no cheese, nutritional yeast).


Dinner was a range of soups, Dahl, curry and broth. All yummy with lots of green veg and herbs. My personal favourite was the Green Goddess soup - leeks, celery, zucchinis, broccoli, kale, green peas and a parsley salsa verde - yum times a hundred!

yummy dinners
Yummy soups for dinner

Before bed

There were a couple of evening drinks - a numeric latte and a creamy detox latte. I'm more of a herb tea kinda gal so I stuck with those but I can see how the lattes would be a lovely way to end the day.

Self care

Besides the food there were daily check-ins to see what exercise of self-care techniques we were undertaking. That could be dry brushing, pumping, vibration plates, exercise, manual lymphatic drainage, massage guns - whatever therapy tools you had.

leg pumping
Leg pumping at lunch time with a cup of peppermint tea

All in all it was an easy to follow, incredibly tasty, nurturing experience. I didn't miss anything. If you think of it, there was no coffee, alcohol, sugar, meat or carbs (as in potatoes, rice, corn, bread, pasta). I don't partake in all of those things, only some, so I guess it may have been a bit easier for me than some of the other ladies, but really, the food was so yummy I didn't feel deprived at all.

What I felt was lighter, more energetic and less inflamed.

Check Aimee out. She knows her stuff and is incredibly caring and she will guide you through to your best nutritional health.

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