Mobiderm Autofit and instant results

I’ve been using the Mobiderm Autofit garments for about three years now, ever since they were launched.  And I am always amazed by their results, given their simplicity.

Nikki came to see me a couple weeks ago because she had some swelling in her foot and lower leg after a trauma – several bone breaks and surgeries.  She had persistent swelling in the right leg and some days it was ok, others it was very uncomfortable with some nerve pain thrown in.

While I was taking her medical history I pulled out my Mobiderm Autofit Sock sample and put that on her leg.  I kid you not, within thirty seconds (less even) her eyebrows shot up and she asked if it could be working already. Well yes, that is possible.  And that is exactly what happened.  She could instantly feel fluid moving and a shift in the pain levels.  Unbelievable and quick.

She threatened to walk out of the clinic with my sample garment but luckily I managed to get her on the table and took it off to work on the leg and the difference was phenomenal. The tightness had disappeared, the pain was much less and she had better movement.  I ordered one for her which was delivered a few days later.  She calls it her “friend”.

I didn’t take a “before” photo because I never remember to do that but took one afterwards and she sent me a few of how the leg usually looks for comparison.

Swelling on a good day
swelling on a good day
Swelling on a bad day
Swelling on a bad day
trying the Mobiderm Autofit on
Trying the Mobiderm Autofit on
After Mobiderm Garment
About twenty minutes of wearing Mobiderm Garment

What do you think? Can you see a difference?