5 June 2021

Manual Lymphatic Drainage and stress fracture healing

My client had a stress fracture in her left lower leg in February this year and luckily didn't need any surgery to fix it. But her leg was still swollen in May so she came in to see me to see if I could help (she hadn't been in since before COVID).

Her old stockings didn't seem to be doing the job so the first thing I suggested was getting them replaced through her usual supplier as they were far too old to be doing her any good.

Mobiderm to the rescue

As soon as I got her on the table I wrapped her lower left leg in Mobiderm with one layer of Biflex (the brown short-stretch bandage). Then I started Manual Lymphatic Drainage from her neck, armpits and abdomen then cleared her thigh before removing the bandaging to clear the lower leg. She was totally amazed at the reduction in size and more importantly, the better mobility.

At her second and third visits the following two weeks I did the same thing and she was feeling much better. She went to see her specialist between the second and third visit and he was surprised at the rapid improvement.

When she came in for her fourth visit on Friday she remarked the left leg was almost as good as the right, but when I checked it was actually a little bit smaller! I took a photo to show her the difference.

Comparison of legs after MLD and Mobiderm bandaging in clinic
Reduction after three sessions of MLD and bandaging

Do you think her "bad" leg looks smaller than the good?

Laser added

At the fourth visit I added some laser into the knee area to try and release some of the scar tissue so she could get in and out of her low car easier.

We're spacing the visits out a bit now - she'll be back in three weeks and I'll see how she's travelling then.

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