16 June 2021

Becoming a Medical Intuition Practitioner

I started my Medical Intuition Practitioner training in January 2020, just before the World turned itself upside down and inside out.

Activate Your Inner Healer

The first part of the training, Activate Your Inner Healer, took place in 2019.  Activate Your Inner Healer is more about becoming your own Medical Intuitive because, well, how can you help others if you aren’t able to help yourself first?  Or at least get an understanding of why you have certain pathology (or not) and how you process stress.  I worked through this process with my diagnosis of Carpal Tunnel in 2019 and it was hugely helpful to look at the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of what was going on, not just the physical.  And trust me, I did lots of physical work on my wrists as well!  You can read that blog here.  My symptoms are minor now (slight swelling in the fingers and I drop things in the mornings) and part of the process sometimes is to learn to accept the way things are.

I was part of the first intake for the Activate Your Inner Healer and the Medical Intuition Practitioner Training with Emma Turton.  Emma is an award-winning university lecturer with 20+ years of clinical experience as a physiotherapist and nutrition coach under her belt and is a potent channel for intuitive guidance.  She is a Registered Physiotherapist with a Science degree in Physiotherapy, a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach, and Meditation teacher. She is also a certified Intuitive Guide, having refined her natural ability to ‘see inside’ her clients and highlight where they are out of alignment.

Medical Intuitive Practitioner Training

The Medical Intuitive Practitioner Training started in January 2020 and the final exam was held in February 2021. The training covered many vastly different topics including:

  • Mysticism, Ritual & Sacred Practice, Channelling, Intuitive Reading, Intuitive Mastery, the Science & Spirituality of Intuition
  • Boundaries and ethics – legal, physical, spiritual, emotional
  • Structuring sessions
  • Holding sacred space
  • What is Medical Intuition
  • The meaning of healing
  • Integrated regional anatomy, physiology & pathology – the anatomy of the seven chakra systems and how they relate to physical anatomy and pathology
  • How to structure a medical intuitive reading, client prep
  • How to read the physical & metaphysical body
  • Nutrition
  • Coaching, intuitive guidance, spiritual guidance
  • How to use varied transformational tools
  • Sacred business

And so much more.   There were:

  • Bi-monthly two-hour practice sessions doing reading on classmates
  • Case studies to practice our skills, three of which needed to be submitted in video format with all case notes.  As well as case notes for all other practices sessions we did
  • three assessments including coming up with our “special sauce” – what makes me me and how I show up for my clients – and how to craft an offer, like a spiritual business plan!  The final assessment was a 100-question quiz on physical anatomy and physiology as well as metaphysical anatomy and physiology
  • three post-graduate classes on Spiritual Business Strategy - becoming visible to the people who NEED you
  • six months of ongoing classes on SpiritBiz - a spiritual business strategy training membership for soul-led entrepreneurs

This was no fluffy weekend workshop.  This was over a year of full-on learning and growth, discomfort and joy, with continued learning about running a Spiritual Business.  There was no hiding.  It was highly-interactive and we showed up sometimes when we didn’t want to and were vulnerable, being held by the others in the group so that we could process and heal.  And then turning up and doing the same for anyone else who needed it (and we all did at various stages).  We formed strong friendships.  We supported, and continue to support, each other.

And now I can say I am a fully-qualified Medical Intuitive Practitioner.  I am registered and insured with the IICT.

Medical Intuition Practitioner Qualification
Medical Intuition Practitioner Qualification

There are two ways you can work with me:

  • a one-off session to gain some clarity on what is going in in your body and learn ways to move into more ease, or
  • as part of a six-week package - I have created Love your Lippy Legs for ladies with Lipoedema (or Lymphoedema) and am working on a second package aimed at helping Women reconnect with who they are ... NOW.

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