Letting go of self-judgement

Have you noticed how quickly we go into self-judgement?

A funny thing happened today. Well, maybe interesting is a more appropriate word.

One of the things on my “to-do” list was to get all the practitioners working at The Oasis listed on the door. We recently had someone leave and one of the existing practitioners has been with us for a few years but somehow we never got around to putting her up and one of them has recently joined. Perfect opportunity.

I have been gifted time to do more admin stuff of late with the lockdown in Sydney so I jumped on the new practitioners and chased them for their details and sent it all off to the sign maker, thinking … great, this will get done quickly and energetically we will feel complete and settled – old energy out, new energy in.

The sign maker made us up a new sign pretty pronto, using the info from the two existing and two new therapists and Bob’s your uncle, the sign was put up this afternoon. And here it is …

New sign at The Oasis

Realising when we go into self-judgement

It all looks great and I was just about to put a photo up on my Insta stories when I suddenly stopped and realised, oh my goodness! I had this perfect opportunity to update my own details and it hadn’t even crossed my mind. Then I went into self-judgement, because that is the default that most of us go to and I am no different, no matter how “evolved” I think I am. I felt that perhaps I hadn’t “embodied” (don’t love that word but it is what I was thinking) the fact that I am now a Medical Intuition Practitioner as well as a Lymphoedema Therapist.

I went next door and told the beautiful Anna what had just transpired and she reframed it for me instantly. What she saw was that I was looking out for the other practitioners and doing what was right for them and didn’t think about myself in that process. And I felt that land comfortably in my body – yes, that is exactly what had happened, that felt right.

I looked at the sign again and instantly felt – oh yuck! I don’t identify with Remedial Massage Therapist any more (this is my official title for all Associations and Health Funds and I will need to continue to use it officially). And I don’t feel the need to identify with the Vodder qualification either.

Oh my, this has indeed been a very interesting half hour or so. I’ve quickly moved from beating myself up to laughing at the absurdity of it all.

In time I will redo my part of the sign and it’ll probably read: Lisa Higgins – Lymphoedema Therapist/Medical Intuitive. But then again, I may not.