Transformative Medical Intuition

I have just had the most amazing, transformative Medical Intuition session with one of my regulars.

She came in very upset as she was having to go for a Cortisone injection to her shoulder in a couple hours after months of pain and trying every therapy possible. She has always found medical intervention scary.

We started with a grounding meditation, as we always do, then went into a transformation process around that fear – the terms that came up were “lack of control” and “giving up control to someone she didn’t know” – allowing the fear to come up and be heard, be felt and be expressed fully in a safe environment.

When she first came in she felt 8/10 anxiety around having to have the Cortisone injection.

We named and described it – going into the position she felt it in her body, its shape, colour, texture, feeling, consistency, then allowed it to grow and change. She described the changes as she felt them and I cleared with my “ding” to allow the processing to continue when things felt like that had ground to a halt. It transformed some more and I sprayed her with a Goddess Essence to help release what was ready to be released from her physical/emotional/mental and spiritual bodies.

When I checked in afterwards she said it was down to a 2/10!

She was in a totally different space to when she arrived, her face had softened, her body relaxed and her colour had improved.

We then came up with an affirmation for her to say while she was getting the Cortisone using the words “eminently beautiful” which resonated for her.

She left saying “I’m ready for it!”

Australian Bush Flower Essences
Australian Bush Flower Essences cards

Before we started she chose the Red Helmet Orchid card from The Australian Bush Flower Essences deck – “Clears father or authority issues and helps father bonding”. She didn’t feel this was resonant for her but it always is, in some form, so we just left it on the table.

But if you look at the things we worked on – they were all around father/authority issues – in other words – CONTROL. Sometimes you have to go with the feeling of the card, not just the words.

I had chosen The Grey Spider Flower card yesterday as my card for the week and I didn’t understand why at then time – it “releases deep fears and terror”. I didn’t feel that was something relevant to me then. Now I know I needed to have that energy around me in order to recognise it in my client today.

She held a black obsidian sphere throughout to ground her.

She left a confident woman, ready to take the benefit from the Cortisone and looking at the process in a totally different way.

How do I know it was a transformative Medical Intuition session?

Here’s the text I got right afterwards …

Shot went well  no fear but a bit of discomfort . Needle and I vibrated together. Many thanks you are amazing. Richie the Brave