Who to see for a Lipoedema diagnosis?

Who to see to get a Lipoedema diagnosis?

What a tough question to answer. Particularly if you’ve already asked every single medical professional in your circle and none of them know about Lipoedema.


Most likely you’ve come across that old chestnut … you need to lose some weight and your legs will return to normal. Eat less, move more. Well, no. It’s not that simple with Lipoedema thank you very much, and you’ve tried every known diet and exercise regularly. In fact, you probably don’t eat enough! And what a bizarre concept that is.

If you’ve hit a wall with your medical team there are a few options for you, depending on where you live and how far you are willing to travel (or are allowed to with current restrictions). Here are some suggestions:

+ Look on the Find a Practitioner tab of the Australasian Lymphology Association. You’ll need a Category 1 practitioner for diagnosis – a physio, OT, nurse or other APHRA-registered professional. You can see a Category 2 therapist for treatment if you don’t need a diagnosis – a massage or myo-therapist

+ Lipoedema Australia has a list of practitioners on their FB page who can either diagnose or treat. These names have come from members who have consulted with these therapists and can confirm they understand the condition.

+ There are specialist surgeons who diagnose and operate on Lipoedema. Check in Lipoedema support groups for recommendations and do your research. Get multiple opinions before making your choice

+ I’ve had a number of diagnosed ladies sent to me from local Vascular Surgeons. The vascular and lymphatic systems work very closely together so they are aware of some lymphatic conditions and may recognise Lipoedema

+ Check in with a Podiatrist

+ Believe it or not, there are some GPs who diagnose. Check in Lipoedema groups to see if anyone can recommend theirsWhen you go to see a new practitioner I’d suggest you go armed with some information about Lipoedema. Lipoedema Australia has some wonderful resources.

And if some obnoxious GP tells you you’ve made up Lipoedema you can suggest they go onto PraxHub and do the module on Lipoedema delivered by Ramin Shayan. They will earn continuing education points and may even learn something!

Diagnosis and surgeons are discussed in my Living Well With Lipoedema Medical Intuition package – for more details click here.