Compression before Lipoedema surgery?

I’ve been seeing posts pop up in Lipoedema Support Groups on FB asking whether you actually HAVE to wear compression before Lipoedema surgery.

The short answer is no.

The long answer is … why would you cut corners on such a major event in your life? Doing the conservative work before hand will make a MASSIVE difference to your recovery, both in time and aesthetics.

Not to mention, you will have to wear the compression 24 hours a day post surgery so you may as well start getting used to it before.

What compression before Lipoedema surgery?

There are so many options for compression and you will get to know which works best for you and when. Maybe some Bioflects when you’re out walking or exercising. Class 2 compression when you’re at work. And night time compression while you sleep. So many of my clients end up with a range of compression and develop a relationship with them (yes, love/hate) – they begin to know what they need, and when.

Then of course you should consider whether you need off-the-shelf round knit compression or custom-made flat knit compression. This can be stipulated by your surgeon but not always. I personally feel that if you are a regular shape then you can get away with Class 2 round knit compression. But if you have bulges or misshapen legs, then custom-made flat knits are way better for you.

Compression is hit and miss. And expensive! You may need to try a few different types before you hit the one that works best for you.

A word of advice? Book in your pre- and post-operative treatments with your MLD therapist before your surgery. I can’t tell you how many times I have clients contact me two or three weeks post-surgery expecting me to fit them in straight away. There are not enough therapists around so we tend to get very booked up and getting an appointment may take a few weeks.

Here are a few of my favourite things (sing please) that I recommend pre- and post-surgery.Here’s a link to an interview with one of my clients who had three surgeries – lots of useful information. https://www.lisahiggins.com.au/…/06/surgery-for-lipoedema/

compressin options
A few conservative options for pre-and post surgery

Got questions?