16 December 2021

6 steps to a calmer Christmas week

Have you noticed that stress levels have ramped up in the last couple of weeks?  Traffic is bad, tempers are short, and everything seems BUSY after the quiet of multiple lockdowns.

Overwhelm is everywhere, not good cheer.

Here are a few reminders of simple things we can do to bring the volume down a notch and have a calmer Christmas week::

1. Hydrate!  I mean with the good stuff, H2O, not the wine (or fifth cup of coffee). 

When we’re rushed off our feet we forget to drink and can easily get dehydrated, causing headaches and confusion to mention a couple things (and constipation BTW) – the last thing we need when we’ve got lots to do 

2. Breathe.  Yes.  That old chestnut.  The one I harp on about all the time. 

We don’t breathe enough or properly.  Keep it simple, a breath in for four, out for six. Or a couple rounds of box breathing (I’ve written about that loads of times before).  Proper belly breathing takes us from a place of reaction to a place of response – much better for keeping tempers under control

3. Make a list (and check it twice!).  

Seriously, make a list of the things you need to achieve today.  And be realistic – can you get all that done today or can you push some forward to tomorrow, or next week, or next year?

Christmas cheer
Christmas spirit

4. Learn to say NO.  

This is the hardest yet most effective tool.  You do not have to attend every social event you are invited to.  Exercise your “no” muscle

5. Schedule in some down time for self-care.  

If you collapse into a heap due to sheer exhaustion then you’re no good to anyone.  It can be as simple as sitting in your favourite sunny spot with a cuppa for ten minutes to just be.  Or book a massage. Or call a friend and go for a walk and chat.  Find something that is nourishing to your soul.

6. Turn off the news!

Just do it.  It is sensational and only gets our heart rates up, and not in a good way.  Do yourself a favour and unplug.  If that means coming off the socials for a few days as well then do that too

Pace yourself and remember, you don’t need to do it all.  Enjoy the small things and celebrate as you tick off your list.

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