Preparing for Lipoedema surgery

Are you booked in for Lipoedema surgery? With any luck, your surgeon has given you a list of everything you should be doing and you’re ticking those boxes off, but preparing for Lipoedema surgery can be a time-consuming exercise.

Preparing for Lipoedema surgery

Here’s what I recommend in the six weeks leading up to surgery:

  • Compression, compression, COMPRESSION! This is the time to step up you compression. If you’ve been using lymph stimulating or sports compression, it’s time to change to Class 2 medically graded compression. You don’t necessarily need custom-made flat knits, off the shelf will do for most people. You can also look at adding specific night time compression as well
  • Pumping – at least one hour daily. This will help soften the tissue and improve your lymphatic system
  • Clean eating – whatever way of eating you practice, this is the time to be strict. Keep it as anti-inflammatory as possible
  • Exercise – water based exercise is especially helpful. If you can’t get into the water then get committed to doing whatever form of exercise works for you on a daily basis
  • Dry brushing/self-lymphatic drainage – get your self-lymphatic drainage routine happening daily, opening your lymph nodes and dry brushing. Don’t forget to moisturise afterwards
  • Visualisation – oh yes! See yourself dressed in the lovely clothes and boots you’ve been longing to wear, doing all the activities you haven’t been able to do, feeling fit and healthy and enjoying life, and have gratitude that you have created this life for yourself

I can guide you to the best version of your Lipoedema self … to Live Well With Lipoedema – https://www.lisahiggins.com.au/living-well-with-lipoedema/. You can purchase my three-video Self-Treatment For Lipoedema guide here.

I made this video as a follow up to this post, showing details of compression and pumps and expanding on the information above.