30 June 2022

Reducing the Inflammatory Load on our Bodies



Two weeks ago I delivered a workshop at the Fourth Lipoedema Australia Conference here on Sydney. It was on Reducing the Inflammatory Load on our Bodies and I think people didn’t quite know what angle I would take, cause really, I could talk about anything with that title.

In the first part I talked about RELEASE:

  • Release/Reframe
  • Eliminate
  • Learn
  • Exercise
  • Ask
  • Self care/Support
  • Expectations
Lisa Higgins presenting at the Fourth Lipoedema Australia Conference in Sydney, 2022
Lisa Higgins presenting at the Fourth Lipoedema Australia Conference 2022

And I delivered some home truths that were probably very uncomfortable for a lot of women in the room.

The biggest one was that our bodies hear how we talk to them and every unkind word we throw at them creates a stress response. That influx of stress hormones then causes an increase in inflammation which then creates an increase in pain.

Think about any time someone has said something unkind to you ... where have you felt that in your body?

It’s exactly the same when you use those unkind words to yourself or when you are talking about yourself to others.

My top tip is to notice when you are being unkind to yourself, take a breath, then bring in a happy memory ... for me it’s the sound of a baby laughing, or the smell of coffee. It doesn’t have to be related to your body, just a memory which brings you joy.

And keep doing that. Every day. Flood your body with happy hormones and eventually the stress hormones will begin to decrease (along with your inflammation).

This is something I talk about every single day.

The second part of my talk was about how to release the physical toxins in our environment by becoming mindful of the chemicals in our everyday products. I talked about cleaning and household products, skin care products and plastics. And the importance of reading ingredients lists, not just the label on the front of your products.

Want to find out more? Head to https://linktr.ee/lisahiggins

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