Lymphoedema Awareness Month 2023

For Lymphoedema Awareness Month 2023 I decided to talk about the metaphysical side of Lymphoedema. Yes, compression, manual lymphatic drainage, exercise, healthy eating … blah, blah, blah. I talk about that stuff all the time. But let’s look deeper at what’s going on behind the physical symptoms.

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Lymphoedema Awareness Month 2023

What’s the primary function of your lymphatic system?

To circulate immune cells.

It has many other functions but let’s start with this one.

On a metaphysical level your lymphatic system is primarily about protection so when you have lymph issues it is a message from your body that you are feeling unsafe, vulnerable, unsupported or unloved.

Ever wonder why I talk so much about self-love and self-care? 

It’s because I see so many people with lymphoedema and I’ve noticed a theme … mostly they are people who give everything of themselves to others, putting themselves last.

They are the carers and they often have weak boundaries and give so much of themselves that eventually their bodies are depleted and can’t defend themselves any more. And they get sick.

You know that saying … “why do bad things happen to good people”? It’s the perfect one for people with Lymphoedema. They are lovely people with big hearts.

Here’s a fun fact – the spiritual element of water is about the emotions! Lymphoedema is a fluid imbalance – emotions are out of balance.

Lymph people give so much that their emotions end up out of balance and they develop a layer of extra fluid in their bodies as part of a protective mechanism.

Arm Lymphoedema

Arm lymphoedema, from a Medical Intuitive point of view, is all about how we are feeling unloved – by ourselves, or by family or friends.

Primarily by ourselves.

Everyone else’s needs are more important. Family and friends come first.

You feel compelled to help whoever needs it but when you need help it is not forthcoming. 

Or you just don’t ask for it because you don’t want to be a burden to others. This feeling of being a burden or a bother causes you to become smaller. You hide your needs more, stuff them down so you don’t cause pain to others.

But you are causing pain to yourself. Your arm swelling is a symptom of where you are out of alignment.

This is where all the self-love practices come in. You are the most important person in the world, treat yourself that way. Nurture yourself. Give yourself the time you usually give to everybody else.

Leg Lymphoedema

Metaphysically speaking, the people who develop Lymphoedema of the leg are the constant doers. They are the ones who don’t stop, they push through no matter what because what they do is important and they can’t let anyone down.

Their bodies have sent them little messages but they have ignored them. Small illnesses, rolled ankles, the flu, a minor surgery here and there. 

But they keep working through it all. Or if they don’t work, they keep up the running around doing their errands, or errands for their families or neighbours – taking this one to a medical appointment, picking up groceries for that one, organising get-togethers.

They are always supporting others. They are on the go, all the time and don’t take time to rest or nurture themselves.

You know the saying … if you need something done give it to a busy person? Yup, that’s them. They get things done. At the cost of their health.

Doing everything themselves gives them control over their lives. It helps them feel safe. It makes them feel needed and worthy.

They feel that if they don’t do everything themselves, it won’t get done properly so they find it very hard to delegate and lighten their load.

Busy, busy, busy.

It’s time to take a breath and create some space to just be.

Here’s a radical thought … what if, by always doing everything for everyone, you are not allowing them to learn and grow for themselves? What if you gave some of your jobs away and someone else benefits from the experience of the doing?

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