From Medical Intuitive to Intuitive Mentor

Medical Intuitive to Intuitive Mentor

I was asked about my medical intuition practice recently and I had to think really carefully before I answered.

Here’s the thing. I’ve become more and more uncomfortable with focussing on the physical ailments people present with.

The most common question I’m asked in a medical intuitive reading is “what’s wrong with me physically”. 

Or people say, “I’ve had every test under the sun and they can’t find what’s wrong, but I have pain here, there and everywhere”.

And they want to focus on the pain. On the physical cause. What is the CAUSE!!!

Don’t get me wrong – knowing the cause of your pain is incredibly useful so that you can make appropriate changes to reduce that pain.

That’s where I find medical scans and blood tests invaluable. They can pinpoint an imbalance very well in most cases.

But. The people who come to see me for intuitive work have had every test done and there seems to be nothing wrong with them physically and they are dispatched with no solutions and no resolution of their pain.

In my own case, when I had carpal tunnel a few years ago, it was invaluable to have a formal diagnosis via a nerve conduction test (after my Medical Intuition teacher Emma suggested that might be the physical cause of my pain). Having a definitive diagnosis meant I could target the physical pain with physical therapy (the only remedy the specialist offered me was wearing a splint at night). You can read about all the different ways I worked to move past that diagnosis here.

But I needed to look at the underlying emotional/mental misalignment to release the pain fully.

How I see it is, if you release the emotional/mental aspect, then the physical will naturally come into balance on its own, in time.


Why Intuitive Mentor?

Lisa Higgins wearing a pink dress, sitting on a sofa

While running my course recently I could feel how my intuitive focus was changing.

Halfway through the course I had a couple sessions with my own mentors to seek some advice as to how I could embrace this change and a new direction for my work presented itself.

And the course I had been running, A Beginner’s Guide To Understanding Energy, further showed me the new direction my work needed to take.

And as if to confirm the choice, one of my course attendees said to me, “I have now found my INTUITIVE MENTOR“.

My jaw dropped because, you guessed it, INTUITIVE MENTOR is what I’ve decided to call myself.

What does Intuitive Mentor mean?

I’m still defining that.

For now, I’m focussing on helping you connect with your own intuition, teaching you how to understand and believe what your subconscious mind and body already knows in order to create the life you LOVE.

Watch this space as I start to expand into that role.

What does Intuitive Mentor mean to you?