Picture of Lisa Higgins standing against a wooden wall, with the words, A Beginner’s Guide To Understanding Energy, cutting through new age BS to understand energy and how to use it in a practical grounded way

A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Energy –

Cutting through the New Age BS to understand energy and how to use it in a practical, grounded way.

An eight-week course with weekly online learning and four 60-minute hands on sessions.

De-mystify all the New Age spiritual words which have turned you off looking into energy in the past and gain insight into how you can connect in with your intuition.

Walk with me, as I guide you to connect in with yourself, as you connect in with all of the parts of you that you can feel but you don’t understand yet. Let me help you understand the words that you see around you, the things that you are feeling. How to start moving into this expanded self, this powerful, connected, embodied human. This present being who can connect in with their higher self, with their higher purpose. Who can consciously start to connect in with the energy around so that you feel like you are walking on the earth supported, held. With a direction. With a knowing. Step into the fullness of who you are.


You will receive:

    • Weekly live Zoom classes on various topics, listed below. The topics may vary, depending on the needs of the group. Recordings will be uploaded to the private FB group (or sent to email if not on FB)
    • Four one-hour, in-person, sessions to discuss any questions/observations you may have after the classes. Then integration time on the table. (These sessions can be on Zoom)
    • Four short meditations
    • Reading/resource lists

You will:

    • learn true discernment in the spiritual world (spiritual goggles)
    • unpack myths to reveal truths in spirituality, so you can know what not to be afraid of any more
    • learn to see through the New Age BS so you know what’s real and what’s not
    • learn to release unwanted energy so that your body can release unwanted symptoms
    • trust yourself more so you can thrive through energetic shifts and experience more joy on your spiritual adventure
    • release fear and stress and step into flow in your life by clearing old, stuck ideas and energy
    • increase resilience by learning energetic boundaries
    • gain clarity on your core values and improve decision-making
    • improve mental health through gratitude and mindfulness practices

Weekly topics:


    1. Spiritual Words – Demystifying The BS
    2. Energetic Boundaries – Why Do We Need Them?
    3. Expectations And How You Appear In The World As A Spiritual Being
    4. The Chakra System & Energy Bodies
    5. Clearing Energy As A Service Provider
    6. Beliefs/Words Have Power, You Get To Choose
    7. How To Get Energetic Confirmation (what’s real and what’s in your head)
    8. How To Create …

These topics may change according to the needs of the group.


The next live round will start at the beginning of March, 2024. Enrolments for this course are now closed.

If you would like access to the recordings from the last round, please scroll down to the bottom of this page to purchase an instant download of all the recorded materials.


Aus $1850.00, payment plan available on request.

Reach out if you’d like to chat about whether this course is right for you via email – lisa@lisahiggins.com.au or messenger on Facebook, @lisahigginsmassage.

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I didn’t know what topics I wanted you to talk about but each week was exactly what I needed. Thank you. D.S.

I’ve found my Intuitive Mentor! L.R.

Picture of Lisa Higgins wearing a black shirt, standing against a wooden wall. Text on the photo says, A Beginner’s Guide To Understanding - online only, cutting through new age BS to understand energy and how to use it in a practical grounded way

A Beginner’s Guide To Understanding Energy:
The Online Version

I will not be running the live online version in this round of the course, but you can download the recordings of all eight classes, two bonus classes, meditations and resource list from last year’s course to complete in your own time.

Click on the link below for instant access.





We all have the ability to heal ourselves, sometimes we just need a bit of guidance.