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There’s a lot of noise out there about different therapies.

Here’re some great free resources I’ve created for you to get you started.

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Reducing the inflammatory load on your body – https://youtu.be/Qi9JTaVtP2U

You’ve got a lipoedema diagnosis … what now? – https://youtu.be/v-IaCAbhBrc

Preparing for lipoedema surgery – https://youtu.be/iSR3EWEUL_8

Energetic Boundaries: Why and How – https://youtu.be/dnHhpJdXLBM


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Free Download –
The Easy Clean-Living Guide

The simple guide to glowing health, a low-chemical home and more money in your pocket.

Learn how to replace your existing products with cleaner options to:

  • Create a healthy home
  • Reduce symptoms
  • Balance hormones
  • Teach your children how to make healthy product choices
  • Reduce childhood behavioural issues which may be due to chemical sensitivities
  • Create a calmer, happier family
  • Simplify life
  • Leave a smaller footprint on the environment
  • Spend less on health
  • More $$$ in your pocket, less chemicals in your body

This is a free resource.

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Free download –
Self-treatment For Lipoedema

Feeling overwhelmed and confused after a diagnosis of Lipoedema or suspect that you have it?

There are non-surgical solutions for Lipoedema.


The Self-treatment For Lipoedema video package will help you to:

  • Reduce symptoms
  • Increase mobility and move more freely
  • Reduce pain
  • Increase freedom
  • Go back to a normal life
  • Do activities that you want to do with ease
  • Have fewer days off from work
  • Save money on health
  • Avoid surgery
  • Sleep better
  • Feel empowered to take control back

Simple, self-care routines and tips to get you back to optimal health without the need for surgery.


These videos are:

  • Essential learning for everyone with a diagnosis of Lipoedema
  • For those wanting to avoid surgery
  • For women who want to be more comfortable in their bodies

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