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Helping women who have been diagnosed with Lipoedema, or who feel they have it, to reconnect with their bodies, to learn to accept and even love them in order to lead a full life.

Lisa regularly works with women who either think they have Lipoedema or have had a diagnosis and are in a whirlwind of emotions. They experience feelings of anger, grief, frustration, isolation and helplessness.

The Living Well With Lipoedema package will support you to:


      • Recognise how your legs have supported you all your life

      • Understand why you look this way and set up new habits of self-care and self-love

      • Find out which conservative treatments work best for you and take control of your condition

      • Find the best compression options which suit your body

      • Identify your triggers and bring your pain back under control

      • Learn which way of eating suits your body

      • Release judgement from others, including the medical fraternity, but most importantly, self-judgement

      • Bring your stress/anxiety levels down

    Through our work together you will be able to:


        • Gain insight into what is actually going on in your body on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level

        • Learn self-love techniques to help accept not just your legs but your entire body

        • Implement mindfulness and breath-work techniques to help release a lifetime of shame and guilt and reduce stress and anxiety

        • Feel comfortable in your skin

        • Set up conservative self-treatment routines to manage your condition and learn about surgical options if required

        • Work out which foods cause you inflammation and which suit your body

        • Reduce your levels of pain

        • Improve your mobility

      Lisa Higgins living well with lipoedema

      Format of the program:

      The twelve-week program will be delivered online via Zoom as well as in person, if local to the area.  There will be email/messenger support over the twelve weeks.

      Living Well With Lipoedema will be a good fit if you are ready to make change, to learn everything about your condition and take control, learning self-love and acceptance.

      What you receive:


          • 1 x 90 minute initial Manual Lymphatic Drainage session if local or 1 x 90 minute Zoom call about your individual lymphatic needs and how you can self-manage your Lipoedema. You will learn about compression, exercise, self-care, breath work, dry brushing and who to see for diagnosis or surgery

          • 1 x 90 minute Medical Intuition session to find out where you are out of alignment and create a plant to implement change

          • 1 x 60 minute consultation to discuss the Nutritional Reset in order to learn about which foods may be causing you issues (Nutritional Reset Protocol e-book included) and/or consultation to discuss how to reduce the toxins causing inflammation in your body

          • 1 x 60 minute Manual Lymphatic Drainage or Medical Intuition session

          • 1 x 60 minute follow-up session in week twelve to check in with your body to see how it is coping with the new habits you have implemented

          • Videos on self-care, compression and conservative treatment

          • Bonus videos on toxins and sound recordings of meditations and affirmations, audio recordings of a grounding meditation and an affirmation practice to start the process of self-love and acceptance

          • email/messenger support over the twelve weeks


        Aus $1650.00, payment plan available on request

        For more information or to see if this is the right fit for you, contact Lisa on lisa@lisahiggins.com.au or via messenger on Facebook, @lisahigginsmassage.

        To find out more about lipoedema go to Lipoedema Australia

        We all have the ability to heal ourselves, sometimes we just need a bit of guidance.

        Lisa was recommended by the vascular surgeon who diagnosed me, once I sought an examination soon after stumbling across Lipoedema on Instagram.
        After initially researching Lipoedema online I was keen to connect with Lisa in person to learn how to better (& more effectively) care for my body. This was a sensitive time in my journey & Lisa’s intuitive approach was exactly what I needed.
        The Reset Protocol she encouraged me to do allowed me to essentially take back control over my eating habits & really learn to listen to my body. For me personally her MLD sessions were amazing & I soon started to also understand the world of compression garments with her guidance. 
        If you too feel you may have Lipoedema I highly recommend you get in touch with Lisa.
        (Jo, Sydney AUSTRALIA)