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Medical Intuition

Lisa is currently completing her Medical Intuition qualification. She is working on case studies and assignments in preparation for graduation in early 2021.

She will be taking bookings for Medical Intuitive sessions from March 2021.

First of all I’d like to point out one of the things a Medical Intuitive does NOT do – we do not diagnose! EVER.

As a Medical Intuitive I sit with you, in your energetic space, to see where your body, mind and soul are out of alignment, holding the space for you to begin healing. This misalignment may look like pain, disease, injury or illness - they are messages for change.
A poem called "Intuition" written specially for me by my son, Evered Higgins, @poemboii.
"Intuition", written by Evered Higgins, @poemboii

What to expect from a Medical Intuitive Session

Your Medical Intuition session can take place either in person or online. In person appointments will take place at The Oasis and online sessions will take place on Zoom.

I use heart/body coherence breathwork to activate my intuition, grounding and becoming present in my own body before guiding you through a mindfulness meditation to also bring you consciously into your body. This brings us into the same energetic space. From this space of conscious connection, I can then read your physical, emotional, mental and energetic body using my predominant senses of clairsentience and clairvoyance.

We look at the root cause behind your physical symptoms. I use both science and spirituality to do this.

Once we find the root cause of your discomfort, I use a range of techniques to help you release and realign with your full potential. This could be a guided meditation, sound healing, tapping, toning, crystals or any number of other modalities. It all depends on what you need right in that moment.

You will leave with tools to help you come back into alignment.
We all have the ability to heal ourselves, sometimes we just need a bit of guidance.
Recent Testimonial from one of Lisa's case studies
Recent Testimonial from one of Lisa's case studies
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