Reconnecting to Self

reconnecting to self

Reconnecting to Self

Reconnecting to Self helps self-aware women who are feeling stuck understand what direction to take to reconnect with themselves, to gain confidence, reclaim their lives and expand into the fullness of who they are.

The Reconnecting to Self Package will support you to:

– Understand your feelings of disconnection – from self, family, life in general
– Know how to make the changes you need
– Remember what joy feels like
– Connect with what brings you joy now
– Feel visible
– Work out why you keep putting on weight
– Release aches and pains
– Stop feeling like a burden

Through our work together you will be able to:

– Feel like YOU again
– Understand the messages your body is trying to give you
– Gain control of your emotions
– Be kind to yourself
– Feel confident about expressing your needs
– Know that you can make changes and be supported in doing so
– Release self- judgement
– Understand how to physically support your body

The twelve-week program will be delivered online via Zoom or in person, if local to the area. There will be email/messenger support over the twelve weeks.

The Reconnecting to Self program will be a good fit if you are ready to make change, to dive deep into everything you have been hiding for years – only you can truly heal YOU. I am here to guide you.


Lisa Higgins reconnecting to self

What you receive:

– 1 x 90 minute Medical Intuition session in first week to find out where you are out of alignment and how to start making changes
– 2 x 60 minute Medical Intuition sessions , including guidance on the Reset Protocol if appropriate
– 1 x 45 minute Medical Intuition session in last week of programme for final integration
– Bonus videos on clean living, grounding  and sound recordings of meditations and affirmations
– email/messenger support for the twelve weeks



Call or email to make appointment bookings 




For more information or to see if this is the right fit for you, contact me on lisa@lisahiggins.com.au or via messenger on Facebook, @lisahigginsmassage.

To find out more about Medical Intuition click here.





Thank you Lisa!  I felt so happy last night, light as a feather!


Thank you for your email and a truly beautiful session today. Your notes will be invaluable and you were spot on with everything you chose for me.
I am feeling peaceful and ready to take the journey I have begun. 
Thank you for the gift of you and all that you provide.Jill


Lisa is, in a word, amazing. Her room is my happy place and her care is very personal. She is a mind, body and spirit expert. I drive a long way to see her every few weeks and it’s well worth it. Thank you for all that you do for me. Sarah


You probably don’t hear this enough!! – you’re doing a wonderful job and I wouldn’t be travelling so far to see you if I didn’t think so! You’re caring, very informed and also so personable. I don’t feel embarrassed sharing my body (so to speak) with you!! 😂 I’m completely comfortable! ☺️ Thank you and I am grateful for you and what you do! Lise 



We all have the ability to heal ourselves, sometimes we just need a bit of guidance.