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15 November 2021
7 days of embracing discomfort

A couple weeks ago I had a business mentoring session with my friend/teacher/mentor, Emma Turton, Medical Intuitive, which resulted in me undertaking a 7 days of embracing discomfort exercise. This session was very different to our normal Medical Intuition appointments - Emma started by setting her timer for ten minutes then said "go - tell […]

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26 October 2021
Introduction to chakras

I made this video a few months ago for a client of mine who asked me if I knew anything about chakras. Do I ever! She had this amazing chart with loads of information and found it all overwhelming and when you see the chart (it's in the video) you can understand why. I've tried […]

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22 October 2021
Compression before Lipoedema surgery?

I've been seeing posts pop up in Lipoedema Support Groups on FB asking whether you actually HAVE to wear compression before surgery. The short answer is no. The long answer is ... why would you cut corners on such a major event in your life? Doing the conservative work before hand will make a MASSIVE […]

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2 September 2021
Fear and separation (and choice)

I struggled to come up with a title for this blog post. I didn't think "I'm cranky" or "WTF Australia" would be appropriate. So I left it blank while I wrote and hoped that it would come to me along the way and it did - fear and separation (and choice). I'm not one of […]

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11 August 2021
Who to see for a Lipoedema diagnosis?

Who to see to get a Lipoedema diagnosis? What a tough question to answer. Particularly if you’ve already asked every single medical professional in your circle and none of them know about Lipoedema. Most likely you’ve come across that old chestnut … you need to lose some weight and your legs will return to normal. […]

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13 July 2021
Transformative Medical Intuition

I have just had the most amazing, transformative Medical Intuition session with one of my regulars. She came in very upset as she was having to go for a Cortisone injection to her shoulder in a couple hours after months of pain and trying every therapy possible. She has always found medical intervention scary. We […]

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8 July 2021
Letting go of self-judgement

A funny thing happened today. Well, maybe interesting is a more appropriate word. One of the things on my "to-do" list was to get all the practitioners working at The Oasis listed on the door. We recently had someone leave and one of the existing practitioners has been with us for a few years but […]

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24 June 2021
The difference between Intuition and Medical Intuition

There is much I have to say on the difference between Intuition and Medical Intuition. So instead of writing a huge treatise I decided to do a Vlog instead. You can read about what it took for me to become a Medical Intuitive here. You can delve into the theories and experiments behind Quantum Physics […]

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16 June 2021
Becoming a Medical Intuition Practitioner

I started my Medical Intuition Practitioner training in January 2020, just before the World turned itself upside down and inside out. Activate Your Inner Healer The first part of the training, Activate Your Inner Healer, took place in 2019.  Activate Your Inner Healer is more about becoming your own Medical Intuitive because, well, how can you […]

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10 June 2021
Surgery for Lipoedema

Last night I had a chat with one of my clients, Ann, about her surgery for Lipoedema. I thought it would be useful for others to hear about her preparation, the actual surgeries and her recovery. And of course how it has changed her life. Ann had three surgeries, two to her legs/saddlebags and one […]

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