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1 September 2020
Creating a treatment plan for Lipoedema

What comes first? Listening. That's what comes first. So many women with Lipoedema have never been heard - by the medical fraternity, their families/partners or their friends. Sometimes, being able to tell your story, the whole story, is the beginning of a slow process of healing and learning to love and accept yourself. Having your […]

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24 August 2020
New Lipoedema diagnosis - rushing into surgery

Some home truths about Lipoedema surgery

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10 August 2020
Lipoedema surgery - Pre and Post Conservative care

I'm sharing the story of one of my clients. She posted this in a lipoedema group to show others what can be done conservatively alongside lipoedema surgery so that the best results can be achieved. I'm seeing a huge increase in numbers of newly diagnosed, or even undiagnosed, lipoedema clients who "just want it gone". […]

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27 April 2020
Restrictions on massage lifted

Well that didn’t take too long did it?  Massage therapy clinics have received clearance to reopen by the NSW government. This information was released a week and a half ago but I have been waiting to see if there were further changes before reopening. I have now received numerous communications from both of my Associations […]

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6 April 2020
New online package for lymphoedema/lipoedema - 5 sessions

In this swiftly changing time we are all having to adapt to doing what we used to do face-to-face online instead.  This can be confronting to begin with but it can be done.  Even for a manual therapy like lymphatic drainage. Lisa is offering an online package for new clients.  The sessions will cover a range […]

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1 April 2020
New Look at The Oasis

I’ve been really busy this week, taking delivery of a painting and some new, recycled, furniture. I’ve also cleaned from top to bottom using low-tox cleaning products. Once I finished the physical cleaning I cleared the whole clinic energetically using sage, sound and diffusing Thieve’s Oil and intention. It’s all feeling pretty amazing now.  What […]

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26 March 2020
Newsletter - Adapting to this New World

These are such strange times and we’re all trying to navigate our way in a completely changed world. I’m not in the habit of sending newsletters and I promise I’m not about to send them regularly now.  I do feel, however, it is important to tell you what’s happening here at The Oasis during this […]

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23 November 2019
Stage 1 Lipoedema

I was at a Lipoedema group lunch last week and got chatting with the ladies and the discussion came around to how difficult it is sometimes for Stage 1 Lippy Ladies to see themselves in the photos and literature online.  There really is very little out there for the early stages.  So I interviewed Aimee, […]

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14 November 2019
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

In about February of this year, in the middle of Sydney summer, my hands started to swell. And I mean, seriously swell.  Both of them.  To the point where you couldn't see the ligaments or veins, just puffiness.  In fact, I had gained 2kg almost overnight (I know, that doesn't sound like much but for […]

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5 November 2019
Interview with a two-time cancer survivor

Chat with my friend Annie, a two-time breast cancer survivor. Here is an important message "chemo brain" sifted out of the conversation but which Annie would really like people to hear: "Most importantly, CONTINUE TO CHECK YOUR BREASTS LADIES (AND MEN), both personally and professionally - have your mammogram and ultrasound annually, because without it, […]

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