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6 July 2022
What’s the difference between Oedema, Lymphoedema and Lipoedema?

I was asked recently the difference between oedema, lymphoedema and lipoedema - here’s my answer

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30 June 2022
Reducing the Inflammatory Load on our Bodies

. SELF TALK AND INFLAMMATION Two weeks ago I delivered a workshop at the Fourth Lipoedema Australia Conference here on Sydney. It was on Reducing the Inflammatory Load on our Bodies and I think people didn’t quite know what angle I would take, cause really, I could talk about anything with that title. In the […]

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27 June 2022
Lipoedema Awareness Month

June is Lipoedema Awareness Month and I’ve been writing up a storm to help raise awareness. I had an article published in our local magazine, the Tawny Frogmouth - click here to read the magazine. I’m posting my original piece and a photo of the edited and published article. Lipoedema - the emotional story Have […]

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19 April 2022
My origin story ... the point of no return

As part of my continued Medical Intuitive training my good friend Emma Turton suggested we write our “origin story”. I’d never thought about it like that before and didn’t think I had one, but of course I do … the point of no return, where my life was set on my current trajectory to becoming […]

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26 March 2022
Living Well With Lipoedema - ATMS

Natural Medicine Week runs from 23rd to 29th May and aims to raise awareness of the role of natural therapies in health in Australia. This year I submitted a blog called Living Well With Lipoedema as part of my mission to raise awareness amongst the general population, and other therapists, about Lipoedema. Click here to […]

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27 January 2022
Preparing for Lipoedema surgery

Are you booked in for Lipoedema surgery? With any luck, your surgeon has given you a list of everything you should be doing and you’re ticking those boxes off, but preparing for Lipoedema surgery can be a time-consuming exercise. Here’s what I recommend in the six weeks leading up to surgery: Compression, compression, COMPRESSION! This […]

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16 January 2022

You know you “should” be journaling.  But how do you do it?  How do you start?  What are the rules? I’m not a fan of “the rules” and “should”.  I AM a fan of listening to your intuition and seeing what feels right. Why journal?  It’s a great way of working with the circular thoughts that frequently plague us.   You […]

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16 December 2021
6 steps to a calmer Christmas week

Have you noticed that stress levels have ramped up in the last couple of weeks?  Traffic is bad, tempers are short, and everything seems BUSY after the quiet of multiple lockdowns. Overwhelm is everywhere, not good cheer. Here are a few reminders of simple things we can do to bring the volume down a notch and […]

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15 November 2021
7 days of embracing discomfort

A couple weeks ago I had a business mentoring session with my friend/teacher/mentor, Emma Turton, Medical Intuitive, which resulted in me undertaking a 7 days of embracing discomfort exercise. This session was very different to our normal Medical Intuition appointments - Emma started by setting her timer for ten minutes then said "go - tell […]

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26 October 2021
Introduction to chakras

I made this video a few months ago for a client of mine who asked me if I knew anything about chakras. Do I ever! She had this amazing chart with loads of information and found it all overwhelming and when you see the chart (it's in the video) you can understand why. I've tried […]

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