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5 June 2021
Manual Lymphatic Drainage and stress fracture healing

My client had a stress fracture in her left lower leg in February this year and luckily didn't need any surgery to fix it. But her leg was still swollen in May so she came in to see me to see if I could help (she hadn't been in since before COVID). Her old stockings […]

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18 May 2021
Lipoedema nutritional reset

A couple of weeks ago I took part in a Lipoedema nutritional reset run by Aimee Buchanan, the Holistic Nutrition Princess. I don't have Lipoedema but work with so many women who do and I figured if I recommend something to them I'd like to say I've actually tried it first. I thought I'd share […]

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10 May 2021
Mobiderm Autofit and instant results

Quick results using a Mobiderm Autofit sock

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28 April 2021
Random acts of letterboxing ... I mean, kindness!

Random acts of kindness lead to interesting meetings

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17 November 2020
Intimo, lipoedema and post breast cancer lingerie

I had a chat with Maz O'Connor today. She's an Intimo Consultant, an amazing company whose aim is to "make women Feel Good, every day". We talked about how she works with women to gain body-confidence post Cancer therapy and Lipoedema, as part of her job. I also enjoyed hearing about how well the company […]

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1 September 2020
Creating a treatment plan for Lipoedema

What comes first? Listening. That's what comes first. So many women with Lipoedema have never been heard - by the medical fraternity, their families/partners or their friends. Sometimes, being able to tell your story, the whole story, is the beginning of a slow process of healing and learning to love and accept yourself. Having your […]

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24 August 2020
New Lipoedema diagnosis - rushing into surgery

Some home truths about Lipoedema surgery

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10 August 2020
Lipoedema surgery - Pre and Post Conservative care

I'm sharing the story of one of my clients. She posted this in a lipoedema group to show others what can be done conservatively alongside lipoedema surgery so that the best results can be achieved. I'm seeing a huge increase in numbers of newly diagnosed, or even undiagnosed, lipoedema clients who "just want it gone". […]

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27 April 2020
Restrictions on massage lifted

Well that didn’t take too long did it?  Massage therapy clinics have received clearance to reopen by the NSW government. This information was released a week and a half ago but I have been waiting to see if there were further changes before reopening. I have now received numerous communications from both of my Associations […]

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6 April 2020
New online package for lymphoedema/lipoedema - 5 sessions

In this swiftly changing time we are all having to adapt to doing what we used to do face-to-face online instead.  This can be confronting to begin with but it can be done.  Even for a manual therapy like lymphatic drainage. Lisa is offering an online package for new clients.  The sessions will cover a range […]

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