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14 January 2013
So, what's lymphatic drainage good for?

Absolutely everything!  And yet, most people have no idea what their lymphatic system does and how important it is to your everyday life. Your lymphatic system is your first line of defense against infection.  When pathogens enter your system, eg, cold or flu virus, the lymphatic system kicks into gear, filtering out as many of […]

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11 January 2013
Lymphatic Drainage

About 70% of what I do is lymphatic drainage. Strange then that I didn't speak about it first up. Today's the day. And that's prompted by a client I saw this week.  It was his third visit, but I hadn't seen him over the Christmas/New Year period as he was busy.  He's not my typical […]

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10 December 2012
A new beginning

Blogging.  This is a new thing for me.  One I've been told I should be doing as part of my social media exposure.  But I'm one of those people who reacts when told I should be doing something - so once I get off my high horse and think about it and weigh the pros […]

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