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17 April 2013
Sexologist at a cancer support group!

Oh my! There's a topic. On the third Monday of every month I attend the local women's cancer support group in my area.  There's a mix bag of cancers and ages, the one common thread being that the members of the group are all women.  I go along as a local practitioner and any female is […]

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9 April 2013
Palliative care

Up until about a year ago I volunteered regularly at Manly Waters Private Hospital, mainly working with palliative care patients but also with some of the post surgical and rehabilitation patients.  There I met some of the most beautiful people I've ever come across, both staff and patients.  Staff at Manly Waters Private Hospital, […]

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3 April 2013

When the husband of a client comes in to see me I usually acknowledge that his wife has sent him, just to give him the opportunity to correct me and say that he's happy about coming for himself.  That way he's in the driver's seat straight up, not feeling like he's being told what to […]

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25 March 2013
Who do I see for stress relief?

That's a question I get asked quite regularly by my clients.  After assuring people that I NEVER get stressed (ha, as if!) I go through my list.  I am lucky to be surrounded by a multitude of natural health practitioners that I am able to "body swap" with.  That expression usually gets some funny looks, […]

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13 March 2013
Resilient little old lady

Last week I posted before and after photos of one of my elderly clients on Facebook and it generated a lot of interest.  I've been seeing J for a couple of years.  Her GP asked me to go to her house to help her with her lymphoedema after she suffered a stroke.  When I first […]

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4 March 2013
Bladder weakness

Goodness, have I just written the words "bladder weakness" on a public forum?  Surely that's a topic that is not open to discussion in public - it's just something that a whole lot of women (and sometimes men) put up with quietly.  According to the Tena website (and I only mention them because I've seen […]

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18 February 2013

IVF is something I've not had a lot to do with.  Ever.  I've been very lucky, falling pregnant and carrying my babies to full term without any major complications.  I cannot imagine the roller coaster ride that is IVF and haven't considered it too deeply before now. I had a call last week from B, […]

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11 February 2013

This post is about one of my absolute favourite clients.  I feel like a bad mother, favouring one child over another, I do enjoy spending time with all of my clients (I can honestly say that) but this one in particular is very special. J had a mastectomy ten years ago.  No reconstruction.  She's in […]

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4 February 2013
Bucking the trend

Occasionally I come across a woman who goes "whoa, let me off this crazy roller coaster, I ain't doing it no more!".  The "it" I'm referring to is the conventional treatment for breast cancer - it goes something like this ... diagnosis - shock - horror - tears - fear - anger - why me […]

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17 January 2013
Sometimes there is loss

And it can be a good thing.  I have worked with three lovely little old ladies for the last two years, in their own homes.  Two I work with on their beds, clambering all over to reach the bits that I need to get too.  The third I see in her easy chair.  I have […]

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