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23 November 2019
Stage 1 Lipoedema

I was at a Lipoedema group lunch last week and got chatting with the ladies and the discussion came around to how difficult it is sometimes for Stage 1 Lippy Ladies to see themselves in the photos and literature online.  There really is very little out there for the early stages.  So I interviewed Aimee, […]

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14 November 2019
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

In about February of this year, in the middle of Sydney summer, my hands started to swell. And I mean, seriously swell.  Both of them.  To the point where you couldn't see the ligaments or veins, just puffiness.  In fact, I had gained 2kg almost overnight (I know, that doesn't sound like much but for […]

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5 November 2019
Interview with a two-time cancer survivor

Chat with my friend Annie, a two-time breast cancer survivor. Here is an important message "chemo brain" sifted out of the conversation but which Annie would really like people to hear:"Most importantly, CONTINUE TO CHECK YOUR BREASTS LADIES (AND MEN), both personally and professionally - have your mammogram and ultrasound annually, because without it, this […]

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15 August 2019
Connecting to Self Workshop series
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24 June 2019
Updated self-lymphatic drainage video

I've updated the video I give to my clients for homework, hopefully making it a little bit clearer.  Use this video for general health and wellbeing, Lipoedema or when detoxing.  Do not use if you have had lymph nodes removed or radiated. Diagram for self-lymphatic drainage Book online here.

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24 May 2019
What a session with me can look like

Continuing on from my "coming out" blog last week, I thought I might write about a few sessions I've had recently, just to give you an idea of how they differ from a typical massage treatment. A client came in for her session and I could immediately see she was stressed and certainly not in […]

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13 May 2019
Whole body/mind/spirit treatment

I figured it was time I "came out".  The truth is, I don't just work on the physical body.  I've always been a little different to most people and I have kept that side of me separate from my work for all these years.  Or so I thought. I'd always thought that if I said […]

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23 May 2017
Make Me Me

Last Monday night, at our monthly support group meeting, Nicola Beverley came to talk to us about makeup post cancer treatment - she runs Make Me Me,  a voluntary, community based event created for women dealing with cancer or long term illness to spend an afternoon together being pampered.  Watch her introductory video here.  A number […]

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3 May 2017
Benefits of Indocyanine Green (ICG) Fluorescence Lymphography

One of my clients, Chris, has very kindly given permission for me to share her photos and reports to write this blog. Chris is what I'd call a very "motivated" client.  She is determined that she will kick lymphoedema's butt, no matter how many times I tell her that she can control it with good maintenance […]

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31 October 2016
Lymph Taping

This weekend was spent learning how to do Lymph Taping.   We were taught by Joyce Bosman, assisted by my original Vodder trainer, Jan Douglass, who now runs the training in Australia. Lymph Taping was developed in 1978 by Dr Kenzo Kase in Asia (Korea and Japan) and specific treatment methods for lymphoedema were not […]

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