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31 October 2016
Lymph Taping

This weekend was spent learning how to do Lymph Taping.   We were taught by Joyce Bosman, assisted by my original Vodder trainer, Jan Douglass, who now runs the training in Australia. Lymph Taping was developed in 1978 by Dr Kenzo Kase in Asia (Korea and Japan) and specific treatment methods for lymphoedema were not […]

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15 June 2016
Workshop at the Conference: Surgical management for lymphoedema

This was one of the many powerful presentations at the Conference, presented by Louise Koelmeyer of Macquarie University. What made it so powerful was that it was a case study of a patient who had undergone surgery and she and her husband were both there to discuss it with us first hand.  So many of […]

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10 June 2016
Dr Ramin Shayan at the 2016 Asia Pacific Lymphology Conference

I wish I had taken some notes is all I can say, but I was so mesmerised by Dr Ramin Shayan of the University of Melbourne, Australia that I just sat and listened.  So I'll have to rely on what impacted me most to pass onto you. First of all I have to mention Dr […]

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9 June 2016
Lipoedema at the 11th Australasian Lymphology Association Conference

I've just returned from the 11th Australasian Lymphology Association Conference, held in Darwin from 26-28 May, 2016.  These conferences are filled with information on the latest research which is always interesting and a bit mind-boggling at times.  I was very excited that this year there was a real focus on Lipoedema, a condition I am […]

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9 June 2016
Lipoedema featured on The Project

I can't tell you how impressed, excited and amazed I am with the wonderful ladies of the Lipoedema Australia Support Society (LASS).  They have once again crossed boundaries and have been featured on The Project on Channel 10.  The Project went to the second LASS conference last weekend and filmed there as well but didn't […]

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1 June 2016
Asia Pacific Lymphology Conference, Darwin 2016

I'm just back from a week in Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia having attended the 2016 Asia Pacific Lymphology Conference.  I've made a very short video giving a few highlights for you to view  here.  I'll be working on a few blog posts over the coming weeks to talk about what I learnt […]

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8 February 2016
More Mobiderm success

Chris came to me at the beginning of January, having had a squamous cell carcinoma removed and a total axillary clearance with four weeks of radiation last October.  The swelling in her breast started almost straight away after the surgery and she had been for a number of treatments with a physiotherapist who diagnosed her […]

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22 December 2015
Self maintenance for lymphoedema leg post node removal and radiation

I had a request after my last video for one that showed self maintenance for lymphoedema in  legs post cancer surgery, so here it is. Feel free to ask any questions if you need clarification. And if you would like to see videos on any other topics I'm open to suggestion.  

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26 November 2015
Self maintenance for arm lymphoedema post surgery

Here's my video showing how to do self maintenance for  arm lymphoedema post surgery.  Some of my clients who have lymphoedema post breast cancer have said they've been following my general video showing how to do their own clearing and I've had to remind them that for those who have had lymph node removal or […]

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26 October 2015
Mobiderm bandaging

A couple weeks ago I had some training on how to use the Mobiderm bandaging system and I ordered a set for me to use in the clinic as well as some stock on consignment.  I don't do a lot of bandaging but I was so impressed with how much thought had gone into this […]

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